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There are so many fun things to do in Cannon BeachOregon, making it the perfect Pacific Northwest getaway! Cannon Beach is a stunning sandy beach that is also home to the gorgeous Haystack Rock. Here you can dip your toes in the waterhave a relaxing picnic or bonfirecheck out the breweries and galleriesand explore the surrounding state parks.

Tolovana park OR sex dating

Cannon Beach is located on the northwestern coast of Oregonjust south of the town Seaside off Highway Cannon Beach may look familiar since it was used as a filming location in Twilightthe Goonies and Point Break. There is something for everyone here! Haystack Rock is the giant rock that looms over the beach and is the centerpiece of most Cannon Beach photos. The beach is wide and long with plenty of places away from the tide to set up a nice beach picnic.

Tolovana park OR sex dating

We only get one earth, we have to treat it right :. This was actually my first beach campfire experience if you can believe it! Making a bonfire at dusk is a super popular activity at Cannon Beach and is so fun. You just dig a pit in the sand and build a fire.

Tolovana park OR sex dating

Looking down the beach we saw fire after fire and it was stunning. It can get pretty windy on the coast here, so the conditions seem great for kite flying. Also, how cute would a kite flying, bonfire making, sunset watching date night here be?! Someone call Hallmark with Tolovana park OR sex dating idea immediately. Watching the sunset from Cannon Beach is a must! Pelican Brewery is an amazing local brewpub right off the beach. Here you can taste the amazing craft beers, go on a brewery tour, chow down on pub food, etc. Definitely a must-visit during your trip! The town of Cannon Beach is filled with adorable boutiques and galleries.

When you need a little break from the beach you can take a stroll to admire these local shops. There are tons of hiking trails here that lead to incredible panoramic views of the Pacific. Unfortunately the park was still closed when we went to visit, but in the photo above you can see part of it along the coast in the distance.

For the most up to date info on which Oregon state parks are open check here. Here you can hike along the coast Tolovana park OR sex dating check out the waterfalls, caves and tide pools. Seaside is a beach town on the Oregon Coast 15 minutes north of Cannon Beach. It feels bigger and more lively than Cannon Beach, and is a great spot for hiking, biking, kayaking, clamming, eating, etc. This park is popular for camping and is filled with history from the Lewis and Clark expeditions.

There are tons of adorable beachfront bungalows right on the beach! Imagine how relaxing it would be waking up to the waves here. A couple beachfront properties that caught our eye were the Tolovana Inn and the Hallmark Resort.

Check out all of the hotels in the area here! This is when it is the warmest and most predictably dry. However, if you keep an eye on the weather you can visit year-round. One of the coolest and most unique things about Cannon Beach is the reflection that Haystack Rock casts.

To capture the reflection you have to get close to the water and shoot when the water is receding. We used our mm lens here and it was perfect. A zoom lens or lens compression is not needed to shoot Haystack Rock, but can come in handy if you want to shoot the northern coastline a little further out.

No, unfortunately drones are not allowed. There are s at the beach entrance saying taking off, landing and flying are all forbidden. Yes, currently in June Cannon Beach is open as long as you practice social distancing on the beach. In the town it is currently mandatory to practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Restaurants and breweries are open at partial capacity. As of June 20th, Ecola State Park was still not openthough. Dogs are allowed on the beach as long as they are leashed or under voice command of their owner. There were tons of dogs there when we went and they were having so much fun!

Tolovana park OR sex dating

Cannon Beach is just a short drive from Portland or Seattle and the town is located right off Hwy It takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes to get from Seattle to Cannon Beach. There are a few driving routes from Seattle but we prefer the coastal route that cuts through Olympia to Hwy It only adds about 5 minutes and is so much prettier!

This route also goes through Seaside and popping into Cape Disappointment is just a short detour. It is less than an hour and a half drive from Portland. The route goes from the 26 to the and is a super easy drive. If you liked this article or have any questions, please comment below! Save this on Pinterest so you can read it later!

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Tolovana park OR sex dating

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Tolovana park OR sex dating

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