Looking for summer time fun

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A pandemic, strict budgets and travel restrictions in place can make engaging in some summer activities, like water parks, beach vacationsand concerts, a bit challenging this year. Still, even with Covid precautions in mind, summer can still be your best one yet. The only problem will be deciding what to do first! From taking it easy while lounging poolside to breaking a sweat on a hike to trying a new craft project Looking for summer time fun whipping up a recipe featuring a delicious summer foodthe potential for cheap family fun this summer is endless. Lie on the grass or make your kiddie pool work overtime by filling it with pillows and blankets, and host your first family stargazing night.

Who needs the summer Olympics when you come up with your own summer games at home? Think you can pick out your favorite foods in a massive line up? Put it to the test. Round up the family and your favorite desserts, drinks, or condiments, get a blindfold and see if you can properly identity some summer treats without looking. No peeking! Sure, you might not be able to have a blowout party right now, but you can still gather a small group in your backyard or better yet the backyard or local park!

When the winds are heavy, take your kids outside and teach them the secret to flying a piece of fabric in the air for hours at a time. Many towns have notable trails worth exploring — check out Trailfinder to find one near you. No summer is complete without a round of ooey gooey marshmallows smooshed between chocolate and graham crackers. Buy a fire pit for your backyard and get roasting. Let loose and jump for joy through the water!

Looking for summer time fun

Crack open the box of chalks and get to work creating colorful des on your driveway or sidewalk. Draw creative des or use the chalk to play games such as tic-tac-toe or hopscotch. Sure, corn is delicious any time of year, but it's really a summer food staple. Get creative with corn toppings and seasonings, like pesto, bacon, and buffalo sauce.

You might discover your next barbecue hit! If you've got a garden full of flowers or a local flower shop nearby where you can get inexpensive blooms try your hand at putting together some bouquets. Display them in your home or drop them on the stoop of your local friends who could use a bit of color to brighten their day.

There's nothing quite like cold ice cream on a hot summer day, and if you're looking to make your ice cream experience more unique, try making it yourself. Take the weights and exercise mat on a patio to switch up the monotony of your fitness routine. The change of scenery just might provide some more focus and motivation to get it done. Allow yourself to feel like a kid again and use your imagination for something other than figuring out how to stretch your budget. Even your home town may have some undiscovered sights worth seeing.

Looking for summer time fun

Take a lazy Sunday drive and pay attention to the different plants and building architecture you pass by. Even teens will have trouble resisting the silly, giggle-inducing task of trying to hit a wobbly water balloon with a plastic bat. Your yard will be littered with broken balloon pieces afterward, so entice your crew to clean up by offering a popsicle to each kid who helps out.

Store bought lemonade is great, but nothing compares to homemade lemonade made from fresh lemons and a little love. Learn more about nature and which birds are native to your area by making a birdfeeder. Find some inspiration on HGTV and get to work building your personal summer oasis. Experiment with pops of color and different elements to create a one-of-a-kind backyard project that will make you proud. You might not be able to visit in person, but that doesn't mean you can't learn and see something new in a virtual museum tour. Look for 5k runs in your area and start training so you can make a difference.

You can easily turn the task of washing your car into a fun activity by simply making a game out of it. Try a contest on who can clean one side of the car the fastest. Or put on some music and show of your best moves while scrubbing to the beat. So log on and allow yourself to be wowed by some kid-friendly livestreams.

Why be limited to Shakespeare in the park when you can have it at home, too? Find a family movie favorite and act out your favorite scenes. Or take it a step further and Looking for summer time fun a little improv to keep the laughs rolling.

Looking for summer time fun

Gather all your favorite memorabilia, write a meaningful note to your future self and pick a spot under a tree to bury it. Years from now the nostalgic feeling when opening it will be pure bliss. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Tom Werner. PetreaIonut Getty Images. Stargaze in your backyard. SerrNovik Getty Images. Host an outdoor relay race. Mix up some fun summer cocktails and mocktails. Karl Tapales Getty Images. Have a blind taste test. Getty Images. Host a potluck. Fly a kite. Go hiking. Cavan Images Getty Images. Roast marshmallows.

Ariel Skelley Getty Images. Run in the sprinklers. Mimi Van Praagh. Decorate the pavement. Experiment with grilling corn. Dance it out. Put on a playlist of your favorite songs and get the family together to bust your best moves. Practice your florist skills. Make homemade ice cream. Granger Wootz Getty Images. Have a beach photoshoot. Jan-Otto Getty Images. Make a travel inspiration board. Thomas Barwick Getty Images.

Work out outside. MediaProduction Getty Images. Look for faces in the clouds. Go for a scenic drive. Emely Getty Images. Plant an herb garden.

Looking for summer time fun

Play water balloon baseball. Make lemonade. Phynart Studio Getty Images. Make a birdfeeder. Take a virtual museum tour. Neustockimages Getty Images. Run for a cause. Wash your car. Check out virtual performances. PeopleImages Getty Images. Stage a play in the backyard. Florin Prunoiu Getty Images. Make a time capsule. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Looking for summer time fun

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Looking for summer time fun

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