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Dutch profanity can be divided into several .

Fuck to Netherlands women

Often, the words used in profanity by speakers of Dutch are based around various names for diseases. In many cases, these words have evolved into slangand many euphemisms for diseases are in common use. Additionally, a substantial of curse words in the Dutch language are references to sexual acts, genitalia, or bodily functions. Religious curse words also make up a considerable part of the Dutch profanity vocabulary. Fuck to Netherlands women from thesethe Dutch language has many words that are only used for animals; these words are insulting when applied to people.

English terms often complement the Dutch vocabulary, and several English curse words are commonly in use. Because of the prominence of the diminutive in the Dutch language, most nouns used in Dutch profanity can also be said or written in their diminutive forms. The words listed here are mostly used in The Netherlands, not in the Flemish part of Belgium where Dutch is also spoken. Profane words used in the Dutch language. For the Estonian film, see Idioot film.

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Fuck to Netherlands women

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Achterlijk "retarded" had been used as a word to denote the mentally handicapped in the past. It is commonly used as an insult. A humorous variation, " achterlijke gladiool " "retarded gladiolus"was first lexicalized in Debiel "incapable" or "infirm" is a term for people with a developmental disorder.

Downie has the same meaning as the English "downy", referring to people with Down's Syndrome. Idioot means "idiot". Also used in Afrikaans as equal to "idiot". Kanker means " cancer ". It can be used as a strong expletive, as an adjective or as an adverb. Krijg de kanker "get cancer" is used as an insult. In slangit can also have a positive meaning.

Fuck to Netherlands women

For example, kankerlekker can mean "extremely good tasting" or even "very attractive". Even when used this way in its positive meaning, the word can still be considered very offensive and its use is strongly discouraged. The word is sometimes shortened to its historical euphemism K[4] or in slang kk or kkr. Kankeren "to cancer" is a verband means "to complain excessively". Idiomatically, it could be translated as "to bitch". This insult is culturally and historically linked to the dialect spoken in The Hague. Kankerlijer means "cancer sufferer". It is a strong insult: an example of its legal status can be found in a court case, in which using the word kankerlijer to insult a police officer was cited as a serious offense.

Klere is a slang word for cholera. It can be used as an expletive, as an adjective or as an adverb. Kolere is a common variation. Klerelijer is a slang word meaning " cholera sufferer". It is used as an insult, and roughly analogous to "motherfucker". Kolere Fuck to Netherlands women a slang word for cholera.

Klere is a common variation. To wish a disease upon someone, the words krijg de Examples include krijg de teringkrijg de tyfuskrijg de kankerkrijg de pestkrijg de takkekrijg de klerekrijg het lazarus and the more euphemistic but more old-fashioned krijg de ziekte.

Fuck to Netherlands women

In standard Dutch, the article is superfluous or incorrect in these phrases, and consequently " de " and " het " are only paired with disease names in context of profanity. Lazarus is a euphemism for leprosy. Krijg het lazarus "catch the leprosy" is uncommonly used as an insult.

Fuck to Netherlands women

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