Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona

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It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date check for other copies Topics Live concert. Type sound Venue Feyline Field Year Reviewer: Niass - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 26, Subject: Yikes.

Wouldn't be better even Even with a side of fries. This is our band and this is why. Reviewer: slipangle - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 10, Subject: I can't believe I found this…. Though I'm not sure why, given the net these days.

Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona

But I am very surprised to find this show was recorded. First I'd like to say, I was never a "Dead head", per se. Though I loved them. Saw them twice. The first time was in this baseball stadium in ' The second was in Salt Lake a year before Garcia died. Having only seen them twice, I can't compare this show with any others but I will say that for me, it was a life-changing event.

In more ways than one.

Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona

What I remember most was the impression that this concertto me, sounded just like their album, Europe ' Only better. It was phenomenal. Of course, the impression could have been influenced by the 16 way hit of window pane acid I took. One other impression. I remember the sound from the 'big wall" was so loud you could feel it in your kidneys. But it didn't hurt your ears. No ringing in the ears afterwards. Thank you, Dead. I distinctly remember Bob Weir's recommendation to the crowd to take a look at the sunset.

And it was an amazing one indeed. But what sticks in my soul, to go with that visual, is the collective sound the crowd made when we all turned around to look. It was an amazing mix of a huge sigh and gasp of wonder. Sends a shiver down my spine remembering it now.

What a memory. One of my best. Reviewer: c-freedom - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 9, Subject: Listen to the thunder shout The two recordings of this show here at IA are both great listens. I compared the Weather Report Suite on both and could listen to either one of them all day long.

One can only imagine this show at the zenith of the Dead's sound probably lizards and tumbleweeds dancing everywhere. Reviewer: Pat Buzby - - November 8, Subject: Deadbase piece about this show A writer who was at the show mentioned in Deadbase that he remembered Bob's "dig the sunset" comment so yes, it is Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona this show. Reviewer: clementinescaboose - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 6, Subject: WTF!?

How in the world this fantastic little show has escaped my attention for this long is beyond my comprehension. Fall ' Fucking Outstanding. Reviewer: Evan S. Hunt - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 25, Subject: Superbly Flawed Such as all of us. Reviewer: Chris U. And the rest of the band responds in high style -- Bobby's vocals are also memorably spirited; it's all good but Sugar Mag and Saturday Nite are of course incendiary Donna critics beware as Jerry sublimates his solos bigtime in the last half of the last set in favor of some fundamental power chord rawk; if you cross yr eyes it could be Bobby and Pig.

It's all good. It's as if everybody in the band woke up on the right side of the bed. My cassette copy from the olden days has a few tracks from Winterland '75 as filler at the end, where filler is supposed to be My tape has the We Bid You Goodnite filler with Bobby: "You all Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona take a moment to dig the sunsight which is pretty spectacular.

Doesn't seem to be, really Reviewer: gankmore - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 24, Subject: Awesome sound Not a full review. But this sounds absolutely outstanding.

Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona

Great transfer job on Darrin Sacks part, get this one before it becomes an official release or you know before AND after, support the guys and all. Reviewer: omyword - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 14, Subject: Great concert I was 15 years old and backstage. My boyfriend from Guadalajara was friends with the band and was on stage photographing the concert.

Yes, it was cold, but I was too much in love and in awe with the experience to care. Reviewer: TeaBag69 - favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 4, Subject: Solid I love th fall '73 shows and always liked this, I rememebr being pretty happy back in the '90's when I got a copy on cassette. I need to refresh my memory if Donna was at this show, I'll stream in the am during our quarterly conference call. She sat out a few at the end of teh year I thought. Tripster thanks for the info on the venue, I have wondered what the deal was.

My first show was '83, saw most of my 92 shows in '' Missed the Red Rocks shows in '85 due to a conflict I could not get out of one of the rrare one';s thosese days, the odds cuahgt up to me and then in '86 they of course cancelled. But I rememebr Barry Fey;s name very well, and I could swear "Feyline" was the name of the production company, not the venue. Sound is very nice too. I'm glad I noticed the five filler Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona stuck right in the middle of the show.

I cut 'em out and reburned it. I always thought filler was for the end of a show. Reviewer: Tripster54 - favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 31, Subject: This and that A couple of notes for you hard cores that can't find Feyline Field anywhere on the map. Barry Fey was a promoter in the Phoenix area during this time period. On the tickets He would print the venue as Feyline Field, a mythical place. This show actually took place at Tempe's Diablo Stadium, a minor league baseball park.

A very cool small outdoor space that was dwarfed by the sound system. I am told by very good buddies who were there that day at their first show, that it was cold and cloudy, threatened by rain all day.

Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona

Toward the end of the show, the sun broke through the clouds and sprayed the field with the only sun of the day. It didn't mean much to them then, but we all know what that was all about, now don't we? It reminds me of blue skys, high clouds, and northern Arizona. DSO is pretty amazing, but still, there's something otherworldly about the real thing. You can even hear it if you just listen Where's it from and what the HELL is it doing in the middle of this spectacular show? Anyway, yes this performance does step up to some of the finest from this incredible year.

Sound quality is near perfect across the board. Don't let the tack-sharp China Cat intro poke you in the skull. If this isn't the tightest Eyes ever I don't know what is. Wait, actually maybe it was Louisville ' I mean Seattle '74! No No Let me put it this way: you'd Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona to be a real knucklehead to not get this. Get it? Reviewer: bigboypeete - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - June 18, Subject: its november 73 so thats all there is to say, as far is sound quality goes, this is top notch impressive in the vocal area for 73 which can sometimes have they tin-can effect, if anything fron 89 on deserves a 5 i dont see how this couldnt.

Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona

Reviewer: always - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 28, Subject: hot time in the desert This show rocks I think the cactus must have been dancin Live Music Archive.

Fuck buddie Glendale Arizona

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