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Columbia University is an elite college that is located in New York City. If you have a goal of getting into Columbia, you will have to obtain As in nearly all of your high school classes, receive top scores on your standardized admission test, write compelling essays, and participate in extracurricular activities that showcase your abilities and qualities. Columbia was created in by a royal charter from King George II.

It is one of the eight colleges that make up the Ivy League and is one of the most elite institutions in the U. It is a renowned research university, and its location in New York allows students to have access to one of the best cities in the world and all that it Columbia wants to meet to offer. Your grades are highly important if you want to get into Columbia. The school reports that more than 90 percent of the class of were in the top 10 percent of their schools. This means that you should have all As or only a few A-minuses. The classes that you choose are also important.

The admissions officers at Columbia are not impressed by students who have taken easy courses during high school even if they received As in all of them. Instead, you should take the most difficult courses that are available to you, including advanced placement or international baccalaureate courses instead of the regular class options. If you can show that you can handle these more difficult courses and that you scored As in them, you will greatly strengthen your application. In general, aim to attain an overall minimum GPA of at least 4. The school does not have a preference for one test over the other, so take both pretests early and focus on preparing for the one on which you do better.

Just submit your best composite score. Generally, people who are better at math and science may prefer the ACT while those who are more linguistically focused may prefer the SAT. Make sure to prepare thoroughly and give yourself enough time for retakes if they are needed.

Columbia reports that the middle 50 percent of its class of had scores ranging from the 25th to 75th percentiles as follows:. Columbia does Columbia wants to meet report the GPAs of their entering freshman class members. If you want to gain admission to Columbia, you should strive to obtain the highest GPA possible in high school. Some schools weight their GPAs while others do not. If your school does not weight GPAs, aim to achieve a 4. You will also need to obtain your GPA from difficult classes.

If you have a 4. You will need to take the most rigorous curriculum at your high school and achieve a high GPA from taking those courses to improve your chances of admission to Columbia. If you begin taking a class and are having trouble, you should not wait to ask for help. When you get help from a tutor early, it will be much easier for you to Columbia wants to meet the material and get a good grade than it will be if you wait until later. A tutor might help you to learn the material so that you can protect your GPA. The last testing dates that can be considered are November for early decision or February for regular decision.

You can self-report your scores on the Common or Coalition application or update your scores on the Columbia application status after you have applied. You can also have your scores sent directly from your school to Columbia or have the testing company send them directly by entering the registration code for Columbia. Columbia states that the 25th and 75th percentiles for the SAT and ACT scores of its most recent entering class of freshmen were as follows:. For its most recent class, Columbia reports that the entering students achieved the following scores at the 25th and 75th percentiles :.

When you view the percentile ranges, your goal should be to achieve an ACT or SAT score at the upper end of the range. Some people perform equally well on either test, but others find that they do better on one of the two tests.

Take these tests during your freshman or sophomore year to get an idea. You can then start practicing on the test that you have chosen by taking practice tests online or from an official practice test book. This test is used to select students as national merit scholars. Being named as a national merit scholar looks great on your application and makes you eligible for the national merit scholarship. Time your tests and take them in similar situations to what you might expect on the test date. When you complete practice tests, pay attention to what you missed.

Identifying the types of questions that you have more difficulty with can help you to work on your weaker areas to improve your scores. A test prep tutor can also help you to identify your weaker areas and help you to understand how to address them.

Columbia wants to meet

When you start practicing early, you will have much more time to work on securing the best score possible on your test. By your junior year, you should have learned most of what is contained on these tests. Starting to take the SAT or ACT during your junior year will provide you with the opportunity to retake the test more times to improve your score. Columbia does not have specific requirements for the of units of each subject that you take in high school. However, the school strongly recommends that you complete the following to provide evidence that you are prepared for college at Columbia:.

If you plan to become a physician or dentist or to major in mathematics, engineering, or one of the sciences, Columbia recommends that you take as many mathematics and science courses as possible at your school. At a minimum, Columbia recommends that you take mathematics through at least pre-calculus. If you plan to apply to the engineering school at Columbia, the school recommends that you take mathematics courses through Calculus. The admissions officers who evaluate your application will look at your transcripts and will want to see that you have completed a rigorous load of courses in each year of high school.

You should not let up during your senior year. If you do, it can hurt your chances of admission to Columbia. If your high school offers AP or IB classes, take those instead of their regular class counterparts. Taking rigorous classes like AP or IB classes and performing well in them can help you to show that you are prepared to tackle your courses at Columbia. Some high schools in the U. If your school does not offer AP or IB courses, it will not be held against you. However, if your Columbia wants to meet does offer AP classes, you should take them. It looks much better on your application to Columbia to have chosen the more difficult version of a course.

For example, AP Calculus in high school will look better than taking the regular calculus class that your school might offer. You do not need to take every AP class that might be available, however. Try to take four or five AP courses in the subjects that you perform the best in or that correspond to the major you think that you want to pursue at Columbia.

Some high schools also offer dual enrollment courses through agreements with local colleges or universities. If your school offers these classes, you can take them to demonstrate that you can handle college-level coursework. However, Columbia will not grant you transfer credit for any college courses that you took while you were still in high school.

Columbia does not accept credit for college courses that students take while they are still in high school. However, the school does grant advanced standing or credit for AP exams and IB exams in some cases. Beyond the potential ability to earn credit for your AP or IB exams, taking AP courses and exams and scoring well on them can help to strengthen your application. To be granted credit, you will likely need to score a minimum of a four on your AP exams.

A five will be much likelier to result in credit being granted by Columbia for your exams. SAT subject tests are optional for applicants to Columbia. If you take SAT subject tests, you can still report them to Columbia on your application. Applicants who choose not to take the SAT subject tests will not be penalized. If you take SAT subject tests, the tests can help you to showcase your academic abilities in your areas Columbia wants to meet interest, however.

When subject test scores are submitted, they will be reviewed together with all of the other application materials that you submit. If you scored a 34 on the science reasoning section of the ACT on one testing date and a 30 on a different testing date, Columbia will review your application using the 34 that you scored. As a first-year applicant, you will need to respond to Columbia-specific questions when you fill out your application. You will need to read each question carefully before you write your answer. Five list-type questions must be answered in words or less.

Columbia wants to meet

You will also be asked to write two short essay answers of words Columbia wants to meet less. You will need to respond to the provided prompts. The short answer questions and essays give you an opportunity to stand out from other applicants. You should be careful when you write them. These essays are deed to allow you to tell the story of how you became who you are today and to provide more information about you to the admissions officials.

Columbia receives many thousands of applications each year for relatively few spots for the upcoming entering class. You should write your answers in a manner that allows you to come alive on paper. You should not simply list your past achievements. Think about what you value and write about it. You should never write the same essay to submit to many schools. Every essay should be written specifically for each school. While most students do not want to write their essays for their applications to Columbia, the essays and short answer questions are critical.

You should be willing to put in the work to write compelling essays and short answers. Make certain that you start early enough on your application so that you will have plenty of time to write your responses. Once you have written the first draft of your short answers and essays, you should ask someone you trust to look them over. Do not solely rely on what your parents think. Ask your English teacher or a guidance counselor to review your essays critically.

Be prepared to rewrite your responses several times until they are as good as they can get. Your essays should be compelling and well-written.

Columbia wants to meet

Finally, never ask someone else to write your essays for you. If you do this, the admissions officials will likely be able to tell. Asking someone else to write your essays is dishonest and can risk your application. Columbia is very selective. For the class ofthe school received 42, applications and accepted 2, for an acceptance rate of 5. According to the U. To put the admit rate for the class of in perspective, just five people out of every who applied were accepted.

Gaining admission to Columbia will require a lot of preparation. You should begin to prepare as soon as possible. You should work to excel while you are in high school to improve your chances of getting accepted by Columbia. If you are not accepted, your strong preparation will surely help you to gain admission into one of your second-choice schools.

Many high school students have the idea that they have to participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible to stand out on their college applications.

Columbia wants to meet

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