College girl wanting sex

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Wow, this is pretty damning about ish guys where you have been. Extended comment as a post below. This sort of a double edged sword because you can attract the "good looking" guys by playing dumb, which isn't bad since everyone wants an attractive partner. But by playing dumb some smart, witty guy might pass over you as he thinks that your a ditz. Then again if you realize he's a catch and start throwing out some intellectual conversational points then this may be the smartest thing of all time.

I'm trying it. Sexual Health. It seems that girls my age 22 just want sex and don't seem to have much of an interest in being intellectual? Do college girls just want to sex and leave all the intellect up to class and studying or what the hell?! Share Facebook. Do college girls just want sex?

Add Opinion. I just turned 21 by the way. Being really interested in sex doesn't mean you College girl wanting sex have an interest in being intellectual. The simple fact is that most men do not like women who challenge them intellectually, and they certainly do not like it when a pretty girl is smarter than they are. Specifically with guys in college around my age, but also I would bet men in general, don't have intellect as a main quality they look for in women.

It has never been this way. Women have always been taught that physical appearances override brains when it comes to attracting men, and when they grow up and observe which girls get the most attention, their experiences validate this. They don't see too many College girl wanting sex well educated, intelligent girls having men drool over them.

Those were always the nerdy girls, the girls who faded in the back of the scene. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but I think more often than not it works out that way. I do this too. I've always been told I'm attractive but I didn't really get lots of male attention until I stopped trying to pull intellect out of the classroom. I stopped trying to have conversations about things I would usually talk about when it comes to guys. I started flirting, I actually pretend I don't know certain things pretty often, to make the guy feel like he's teaching me something or simply not to intimidate him if he isn't educated about something.

The response that I receive as well as tons of girls I've talked to about this is my incontrovertible proof that men generally, at the very least in our age bracket, are not interested in a smart girl. They seem much more turned on by my bubbly, somewhat dim side than my opinionated, passionate, intellectual side.

As far as sex, I love the very rare moments actually it's only been once so far when I can find a guy who likes a brain, is hot, has a personality that I'm attracted to, AND wants to boink me on a regular basis then cuddle afterward and have interesting conversations. Only once. I doubt it will ever happen again. So I continue to play dumb-ish. However, I don't do this in class usually which means I have to dumb it down much more these days to make up for the intimidation these guys may feel in class when I'm debating or having discussions.

I don't really see another option.

College girl wanting sex

Even very intelligent guys are this way sometimes. I went to catholic high school and there were girls having sex with multiple partners all over the place. No doubt that the colleges are the same. In fact, I know they generally are because I have lots of friends that go to catholic schools. Just as many hookups, drug usage, etc. I go to an excellent private school and there's no shortage here. Xper 6. I miss intellectual conversations. Its a shame the world is so sex obsessed, or casual sex obsessed. Surely I would like to just make love to one person I love and trust and is meaningful to me instead of lots of meaningless emotionless sex with strangers.

The world is quite sick. I guess that depends on what college your going. Private and catholic colleges tend to have a lower rate of hook ups than state schools a la Blue Mountain State. However of course not all girls want that, and it really shouldn't be a problem to find one that doesn't at either school. MandMandM opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. The anon best answer was pretty damning. My comment on it is too long for a comment hence a post.

I'd agree that the weighting of this factor grows with age. The best way to continue growing is to trade ideas with smarter and challenging people. It is a good feature of this site that sometimes the responses aren't one liners.

If you are talking about a one night stand, or a few month college fling this is probably right. In college there's a combination of a lot of available women of similar age and interests often newly single from ended high school relationships compared to other stages of life, and the first freedom for both of you to have relationships without parents around etc which tends to drive guys into a bit of a sexual College girl wanting sex frenzy where superficial qualities will grab their attention first.

If you are talking about someone to spend a life with, particularly if one day you want children, then she has to be bright. I can't imagine a worse prison than being stuck in a marriage with someone who doesn't challenge and push you intellectually.

College girl wanting sex

Also it is no accident that maternal achievement is the best indicator of 's outcomes. Very depressing reading.

College girl wanting sex

I hope they shape up for you over the next few years. None of my personal business I know, but I'm ashamed of the guys you've met like this. At your age, the most prominent interest is sexual. That will largely go away later in life so I suggest you enjoy it now. And yes, women can be as shallow and mistaken as men. I suspect your real question is why don't they want sex with me when I have all this to offer? Try to not make the mistake that interested in sex means not intellectual. I have slept with an awful lot of Mensans and they tend to be very interested in sex.

Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, do you just want sex or do you want relationships? How can I attract college girls? Could my boyfriend really want sex? Sort Girls First Guys First. Interesting topic does anyone else know if this applies if the girl is older in age. I been out of school since Seemed like the younger girls at that time meaning were more College girl wanting sex for sex off the bat then attempting a long term relationship and didn't seem intellectual or care about their studies and single moms too but what about after that age say Just curious if anyone has input.

ShyGurlTee Xper 5. I'm sure we have needs like men lol. I don't know what you're talking about that certainly isn't on my top list of priorities but I guess after not finding a good relationship in so long that women would change their focus to sex. College women are very asexual from what I have seen.

They constantly mock guys, lie and generally act in unfriendly ways.

College girl wanting sex

I really do not see guys wanting to even talk with college women especially if the guy has it together. Related myTakes. Virgin shaming needs to stop. It's difficult to be a feminist in the modern times. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

College girl wanting sex

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