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Between andthousands of people entered Windsor and Detroit in hopes of securing employment in the booming auto industry. Windsor's male-dominated economy, when combined with its position as a border town, enabled the development of an extensive sex trade industry. As a result, the city gained a reputation that was international in scope, drawing both Americans and Canadians into the city for the purpose of sex. For a few brief years Windsor's sex tourism industry was able to withstand the social, moral, and legal regulation brought about by the Cold War.

Through their participation in the sex trade, women and men necessarily crossed social, legal, and national borders, creating a unique sexualized space. However, border towns do not function exclusively outside the scope of national laws, politics, and identities. This is best demonstrated by the strong, and relatively successful anti-vice campaigns that developed in response to the sex tourism industry. Windsor, therefore, proves to be an important case study of the ways in which border towns function both outside of, and in relation to, the power dynamics of the nation as a whole.

Illicit flows and criminal things: States, borders, and the other side of globalizationBloomington : Indiana University Press. For example, many individuals from various backgrounds participated in the sex trade in Windsor. Some were drawn to it because of its illicit status; some accepted it as a legitimate industry in Windsor; and Windsor police officers often turned a blind eye despite its illegal status under federal, provincial, and municipal laws.

Despite its illegality, then, prostitution was far from suppressed in Windsor in the early postwar period. Instead, various communities competed to determine its place in the local political economy.

Canada club in ontario sex windsor

The inclusion of feminist and post structuralist theory into various disciplines has had a dramatic affect on the way that scholars approach issues of border regions. For example, geography is no longer confined to environmental factors, but instead has taken on the discourse born out of social construction theories. In particular, many scholars have adopted the insight that space is socially produced; rather than a mere material container for the play of social forces and temporal relations, space is conceived at once as both the medium and presupposition for sociality and historicity.

Social relations and spatial structuresBasingstoke : Macmillan. However, this article contends that, in fact, the borderland was not subsumed by national borders. While not ignoring the power of the state in determining who does or does not belong within a particular nation, the Windsor—Detroit border region provides an opportunity to examine the ways in which the borderland remained culturally, socially, and politically fluid despite the cementing of national borders in the nineteenth century.

This essay suggests that borderlands are still sites of incredible contestation by examining the way in which people transgressed particular social, moral, political, and legal codes within a given border city Adelman and Aron Adelman, Jeremy and Aron, Stephen.

Canada club in ontario sex windsor

From borderlands to borders: Empires, nation-states, and the peoples in between in North American history. American Historical Review— The boys and their booze: Masculinities and public drinking in working-class Hamilton, — Canadian Historical Review86 3 : — Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

Joe Beef of Montreal: Working class culture and the tavern, — According to the Annual Reports of the Windsor Police Department, the of vehicles entering Windsor each year were as follows: 2, in ; 2, in ; 2, in Unfortunately, these are the only years in which the annual reports recorded the of border crossings during the postwar period. The racialized nature of the Detroit—Windsor border also reinforces Alejandro Lugo's argument that borders are as much about inspection as they are about crossing, and that the difference between these two processes is about power and privilege.

Lugo emphasizes the need to recognize not just border crossings, but also the process of border exclusions, which more often than not result in failed border crossings for members of marginalized communities. In the Detroit—Windsor context, then, it is crucial to recognize both who crossed the border, and who was denied accessand the way in which these experiences were shaped by the interconnected social markers of race, class, and gender Lugo Lugo, Alejandro. Although debates about vice span Windsor's history, the most recent discussions were brought up when Super Bowl XL was held in the city of Detroit Aguilar a Aguilar, Louis.

Is Windsor the super sin city? Canadian town's sex trade may lure game revellers to cross border. Windsor hopes Super Bowl can show it more than just sin. For the bare Super Bowl necessities, see Windsor.

Canada club in ontario sex windsor

For Americans, Windsor is sin city. Names have been changed for privacy purposes. For a discussion of automation in Canada, see High High, Steven. The trouble with normalToronto : University of Toronto Press. Normalizing the ideal: Psychology, schooling, and the family in postwar CanadaToronto : University of Toronto Press. For studies on adolescents and sexuality, see Adams Adams, Mary Louise.

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Canada club in ontario sex windsor

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Canada club in ontario sex windsor

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